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Bamford vs. Piazon: Working towards contrasting futures?

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Want vs. wish

Julian Finney

An interesting juxtaposition can be made of the quotes from Patrick Bamford (21, on his third loan) and Lucas Piazon (20, on his third loan).  Both players, should they continue on their present development curve, should be talented enough to potentially carve out a Chelsea future for themselves, yet only one of them seems to be actively working towards one still.

It should come as no surprise that it's Bamford who is looking at his time at Middlesborough through blue-tinted glasses.

"...success at Boro is the priority because doing well here is the key to me taking the next step.  I have to be honest and say at the end of the day I want to be a Chelsea first team player."

"But to do that I know I need to make a success of my time at Boro. I need to get games, play well and score goals.  I need the experience but I'm not here to go through the motions. I have to play well.  I have to get into the team here, stay there and score."

"The best thing for me is to be a regular part of a team up there challenging for promotion.  If I can do that here then I know that really improves my chances there."

-Patrick Bamford; source: Gazette Live

Meanwhile, Lucas Piazon...

"I think it's normal. Chelsea have so many very good players, and currently it'd be difficult for me to find a place there. Here, I can play here and gather experience."

"I am only 20 now. And like I've said, everything can happen in football. If everything fits, I can certainly imagine staying in Frankfurt. I'll move into my flat next week. And I'll begin language school this week to learn German."

"I came to Chelsea directly from Brazil. I know everyone at the club. Of course, I'd wish to play for there again. But football is a bag of tricks, everything can change so fast."

-Lucas Piazon; source: ESPN

Bamford vs. Piazon, want vs. wish -- it's not surprising that things look rosier to Bamford whose loan is only until January and whose path into the team looks much more straightforward (Drogba will surely retire soon; Remy just a shorter-term solution one would imagine), but it's a bit disappointing that Piazon's already considering a potential long-term future in Frankfurt after just one month there.