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The Daily Hilario: iWatch, youWatch, everybody watchWatch

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Justin Sullivan

The only thing I ask is please don't turn this into some ridiculous iPhone vs. Android handbags.  There's only one fact: both options are great because technology is amazing and wonderful.  The rest is all opinion and, as Dirty Harry once said, opinions are like assholes.

On a personal note: thank [fun] they finally made a bigger iPhone.  Now my wife can stop complaining about how her HTC One doesn't function exactly like the iPad or the iPhones that she had before.  And we can stop worrying how she and all her digital stuff can coexist using both the Apple and the Google ecosystems.  But other than that, I'm not excited by the iPhone 6 or the mondo 6+.  The homescreen and sea of icons thing got boring for me three years ago (thus prompting my switch to the Nexus line) and now they went back to a rounder design, which I find not nearly as cool as the squared off gorgeous slabs of the 4 & the 5.

As far as the watch...well, I wear watches mostly as fashion accessories rather than something to actually use.  And by mostly I mean exclusively.  My Movado lookalike from Fossil has been stuck on 7:30 since 2006.  I use my phone (or my computer or my car) to tell time, duh!  And I couldn't care less about tracking my heart rate or fitness at this time.  So let's just say that I won't be standing in line to drop $350+ on a fully featured iPad Shuffle (whenever it does come out).


FOOTBALL (all times BST):
15.00:  ACN Qualifiers:  Cameroon vs. Cote d'Ivoire
17.00:  ACN Qualifiers:  Angola vs. Burkina Faso
17.00:  ACN Qualifiers:  Togo vs. Ghana
19.00:  ACN Qualifiers:  Egypt vs. Tunisia
19.00:  ACN Qualifiers:  South Africa vs. Nigeria
01.00 (next day):  MLS:  NY Red Bulls vs. DC United