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Chelsea confirm Feruz loan

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Stanley Chou

Islam Feruz has had a weird summer, mostly because it involved a two-day trip to Samara Oblast, whereupon the Scottish striker learned he did not want to spend the season in Russia playing in the second division. But the loan-unloan hasn't ruined Feruz's chances of getting experience abroad for the 2014/15 season -- and Chelsea have now confirmed that they're sending him to Crete.

Yeah, Feruz has a monopoly on cool loans.

I still haven't bothered figuring out who OFI Crete are, but the official site tells me that Feruz will spend the season on loan there and that their manager is notorious hardman Gennaro Gattuso. I assume that if Feruz decides he's not fitting in in the Greek League his new boss will yell at him until he does, which should solve all of his problems. Anyway, Chelsea fans now have a reason to follow Greek football. Good luck, Islam!