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Jamal Blackman set to join Middlesborough on loan

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Thananuwat Srirasant

More goalkeepers in the transfer news; more Chelsea players on loan to Middlesborough.

As Bailey mentions, Blackman will increase the number of Chelsea loanees at Jose Mourinho's ex-assistant's club to the maximum of three.

Blackman, 20, has been with Chelsea for quite some time and has at one time or another served as the first-choice goalkeeper at U16, U17, U18, U19, and U21 levels (while also receiving a Champions League winner's medal in 2012 with the first team).  He's also represented England at all those levels but the last.  He signed a five-year contract extension earlier this summer.  This will be his first loan.

If you're wondering about the timing, with the transfer window about to close in less than an hour, there's no huge hurry on the paperwork.

On a related note, Chelsea loaning out their previously fourth-choice goalkeeper should put an end to any last-minute speculation about Petr Čech's future.  It also rules out a rumored Lewis Baker loan to Middlesborough, since the Championship side have reached their loanee limit from any one club.