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Islam Feruz linked to another strange loan

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Stephen Pond

Islam Feruz seems to be intent on signing for as many clubs I've never heard of as possible this summer. Having just been sent to Krylia Sovetov only to cancel his loan days later (he failed to settle), the Scottish striker is now set to go on another strange trip. Ofe Crete it is!

Please don't ask me if Ofi Crete need a striker or if Feruz will get playing time. All I know about the club is that it's based in Crete. Although they're in the top flight, I've never seen them play, so it's difficult to say anything about football qualities of the loan.

As for Feruz's strange decision making, I have no idea either. Going to a second-division Russian side was weird enough, but following that up with a move to Crete? Maybe he really hates the UK.