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Chelsea linked with Mattia Destro again (for some reason)

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Claudio Villa

Apparently the signing of Loïc Rémy hasn't been enough to quash the rumours that Chelsea are looking to pick up Roma Mattia Destro, although they should have been. Fringe paper the Daily Star are reporting that 'Mourinho is still open to bringing in new faces' -- despite, of course, being horribly constrained by the Premier League's homegrown rules. Mourinho likes playing with three strikers, which Chelsea already have, and in order to register Destro we'd have to ditch an additional foreign player.

If Chelsea are going to go so far as to pare down the squad further and add a big-money foreign name on deadline day, it probably won't be a striker. Nothing is impossible, of course, but when a transfer rumour is backed up by 'StarSports understands' it's fairly easy to consign to the dustbin. Normally we wouldn't even bother weighing in on something that's obviously this silly, but hey, deadline day is a special day for everyone.