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The Demba Ba and Eden Hazard bromance is alive and well

Demba Ba and Eden Hazard: friends, ex-teammates, family. After spending a year and a half together at Chelsea, they are now separated by many miles. But the friendship remains and the bromance is as heartwarming as ever.

Grabbing the Chelsea TV microphone, here then is Eden Hazard and his ever improving English interviewing Demba Ba, who's already become a fan favorite at Besiktas thanks to his hat-trick against Feyenoord on Wednesday -- a feat we're all hoping he repeats against Arsenal in the next and last round of the Champions League group stage qualifying process.

These two represent a rather interesting dynamic. One is a gentle giant, humble and soft spoken. The other, a fast-talking jokester who seems to take very few things other than his football and his family seriously. Then again, sometimes the best relationships are created between complementary opposites. Yin and yang. Big and small. Demba and Eden.

Synchronized like brothers, they laugh like family. Awwww...

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