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Chelsea 2-0 Fenerbahce; 0-1 Besiktas; initial reactions

(I don't have any photos from these games)
(I don't have any photos from these games)
Martin Stoever

Chelsea 2-0 Fenerbahce

  • Diego Costa's goal was hilarious. He used his strength to turn a defender out in the left channel, dribbled past another guy, dodged two tackles in as many touches and then planted a lovely side-foot shot into the corner. What a delight. I'd say more but we have a whole post about it, and I don't want to be responsible for everyone fainting out of raw happiness.
  • Bruno Alves does not think Diego Costa is a delight, because Bruno Alves is a [redacted]. Bruno Alves can [imagine an extended phone call with the lawyers at this point at which point many words are frantically deleted]. Flying two-footed tackles are completely disgusting even in a real game, let alone a charity friendly. Go [fun] yourself, you, [redacted].
  • Andre Schurrle looks like he's enjoying the life, as a certain former Chelsea man might say. He was a terror to Fenerbahce's defenders' throughout, and his free kick to set up Branislav Ivanovic's goal was pretty slick. After watching the World Cup, I've had a feeling that Andre Schurrle is set to break out -- hopefully this can really be his year.

Chelsea 0-1 Besiktas

  • We didn't score in this one, but I was quite taken by the crossing. Filipe Luis did a very nice job on the left flank, and there were a lot of low crosses that the Besiktas defenders had to scramble to deal with.
  • Goal kicks straight to Didier Drogba work pretty well. Free kicks from Didier Drogba also work pretty well. Welcome, back buddy.
  • Marking on corner kicks might need a bit more work. And by 'a bit' I mean ...
  • Playing two teams in one 90 minute stretch is really rather strange. The second half wasn't good, but the first was awesome, so I'm pretty happy with how things went today.

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