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Petr Cech laughs at your statistical tomfoolery

Steve Bardens

With Pepe Reina's move to Bayern Munich all but complete, the stats mavens were out on Sky Sports comparing Mr. Uncharacteristic Error to the rest of the Premier League's goalkeepers. Naturally, Petr Cech's name came up. And, naturally as happens so often when stats mavens want to get cute, the numbers cited were a little bit ... dubious. Which meant Cech himself chimed in:

The stats folk tried to backpedal, offering the following explanation:

But Cech was rightly having none of it:

Opta, of course, weren't the ones who made the mistake -- the appearance figures were added in by Sky Sports afterwards, and there's not a whole lot about Sky Sports that says 'serious data science'. This is the sort of thing that happens when you let the innumerate play with things they don't understand. Good on Petr for sorting them out.

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