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No, Andre Schurrle isn't the solution to our non-homegrown squad limit issue

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Depending on who's counting, Chelsea have either 17 or 18 non-homegrown ("non-HG") players in the squad.  If it's 17, then we're good.  If it's 18, then we've got a problem.  Because we can only register 17 and 18 is quite clearly more than 17.  At least I'm pretty sure that's still the case, though scientists are still trying to figure out how much the laws of mathematics and physics have changed in the wake of Hilario's retirement of most cosmic importance.

But back to the problem, to which there are multiple solutions.  Assuming that the rules aren't changing to allow for 18 and that Thibaut Courtois counts as non-HG, here is a selection of them, ranked from least likely to most likely:

  1. Selling/loaning Fernando Torres
  2. Selling/loaning anybody not named Fernando Torres
  3. Not registering Mark Schwarzer

When Mourinho spoke of Oriol Romeu's loan to Stuttgart, he seemed to imply that we're now compliant with the limit, so perhaps he already has a solution in mind.  I have a strong hunch that solution does not involve André Schürrle.

To be clear, that's Champion of the World André Schürrle.  That's Most-Enthusiastic-About-Chelsea-New-Guard-In-Training André Schürrle.  That's I-Love-Jose-Mourinho-And-Chelsea-Football-Club André Schürrle.  He's not going anywhere.

Write better transfer rumors, please, MarcaTelegraph, et al.  Thank you.

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