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Report: Atsu loan deal to Everton collapses over January recall clause

Chelsea exercise common sense; Everton homies don't play that. Apparently.

Laurence Griffiths

This deal was supposedly "very close" a couple days ago but it appears to be not so very close at all.  In fact, it may have even "broken down."  And we know how helpful people can be when things break down.  Oh, that's right, yes, I'm sure whatever you're doing is so incredibly important that you cannot take five minutes out of your day and jump start my car.  Yes, go on, run along; save the world, Clark.

Everton's loan bid for Christian Atsu has broken down over concerns that the Ghanaian would not get enough playing time.

-source: Mirror

While media reports are framing this around a concern for playing time, Chelsea should be experienced enough in loaning players to know that there are no guarantees possible regarding playing time.  Which is exactly why they'd look to insert a January recall clause, which is apparently the hold-up for Roberto Martinez and the Guardians of the Lukakalaxy.

It is now understood that as Everton's interest dwindled, Chelsea asked for a January recall clause to be inserted into the arrangement so that they could take him back if they felt he was being underused.

Chelsea are keen for Atsu to go to a club with a commitment to playing him regularly next season.

-source: Mirror

Before the Everton talks, Atsu had been linked with quite a few clubs across England, Scotland, Germany, and Spain, so I'm sure we won't have any problems finding a taker for one of our more eye-catching players at the World Cup.

I think we've done Everton enough favors for one transfer window anyway.

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