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Everton boss upset by Diego Costa taunts

Laurence Griffiths

Chelsea's win at Everton had pretty much everything else, so why not add some controversy to the mix? It will, however, have to be controversy of the very lame sort: Roberto Martinez is angry at Diego Costa for being a big old meanie to Seamus Coleman after the Toffees defender turned an Eden Hazard cross into his own net. Yes, that's exactly as silly as it sounds:

I think there are certain foreign players who, when they come to the Premier League, they need to understand the ethics. It is a completely different culture and the last thing you want to be is disrespectful from a player to another player, even if he is on the opposing team. I am sure he will learn that very quickly. The last thing I would do myself is fall into a trap and be disrespectful that way.

Source: Guardian.

Which ... well, let's ignore the fact that Seamus Coleman was doing his best to get Diego Costa booked all match, finally getting the striker to snap a little before the aforementioned own goal. Let's also ignore the fact that Tim Howard's reaction to the taunt was to grab Diego Costa by the neck. Those facts are interesting but ultimately irrelevant.

The key point is this: footballers shouldn't expect not to be mocked by their fellow professionals. I'm not talking abuse, of course (especially racist/homophobic abuse, a scourge that should be stamped out of the match), but laughing at someone after they've conceded an own goal? I honestly can't think of a better time to laugh at someone.

I don't want Diego Costa to respect Seamus Coleman when he's playing. I want him to annihilate him. And if Roberto Martinez thinks that teasing someone after scoring an own goal is somehow going too far, I have the following message.

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