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Everton 3 - Chelsea 6: Initial reaction and community rating form

Laurence Griffiths

The game kicked off and Diego Costa scored. Minutes later, Branislav Ivanovic doubled the Chelsea lead. Just like that, Chelsea were more than happy to close up shop and take three points from an away fixture they've struggled with of late.

Unfortunately, things were less than straightforward in closing out the contest, but after a ridiculously entertaining contest which saw the ball find the back of the net seven more times finally came to a close, Chelsea find themselves sitting atop the Premier League table on the maximum possible points with a very healthy goal differential and goal total. That's not the worst place to be with the close of the transfer window looming.


  • I hate NBC's transition from some kids show to kickoff, which takes about 2 seconds. Those not paying attention missed two goals because of it today.
  • Branislav Ivanovic was offside for Chelsea's second, and Tim Howard should have been sent off eight minutes in. He later incorrectly ruled Costa off when he was one on one with Tim Howard, before flagging Romelu Lukaku who was several yards onside. It wasn't a great showing for that linesman tonight.
  • I'm buying a yellow kit this season. Now I just have to decide between Diego Costa and Nemanja Matic. Decisions, decisions.
  • Costa will probably be the least popular player in the Premier League in short order if he keeps playing this well and instigating at this level. I love it.
  • Everton look nothing like the side David Moyes managed several seasons ago. They're pretty fun all of a sudden.
  • Cesc Fabregas needs to be a little more careful with the ball in Chelsea's end of the pitch. Several times today he made silly turnovers that led to Everton chances.
  • I love that Everton's PA announcer called Filipe Luis "Phillip Lewis" when he came onto the pitch.
  • This team is scary good,
  • I didn't miss Fernando Torres at all.
  • This team is scary good.

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