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Having to choose between Cech and Courtois is 'not a problem' for Jose Mourinho, Master of Fates

Ben Hoskins

The sentiment expressed isn't new.  Less than two weeks ago, Jose called the situation "perfect."  Uh-oh, has it been downgraded to just "not a problem?"

"Before I had Carlo Cudicini and then I made the decision to give Petr the goal so, if I have to make the decision of putting Petr on the bench, it's not a problem for me.  If I have to put Courtois on the bench, it is not a problem. The fact that we have two fantastic goalkeepers is not a problem for me."

"It was logical that Courtois had to be back.  It would make no sense to have such a great young keeper and not have him back. In the end it will be my decision and nobody else's."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Mail

In a sense, he's absolutely right.  Having two of the world's absolute best at any position battling it out for first-choice at Chelsea must be a manager's dream.  Having that at the goalkeeping position, at the last line of defense, at the ultimate fail-safe is even better.  There is almost no wrong answer in this situation.

Yet, he could also prove to be very, very wrong.  One false move and it could it all blow up in his face.  And just how do you keep two of the world's absolute best fighting it out happy?  It has to be even harder at goalkeeper, by the nature of the position.  It's not like we can run both of them out there at the same time.  There is almost no right answer in this situation.

"They have to work hard and wait for my decision, then fight against my decision if they are on the bench."

"Everybody says the same. If somebody says I'm happy on the bench, then what are you doing here? Petr says the obvious, Courtois says the same. Mark Schwarzer is 42 and he will say he's not happy being the third choice and will fight hard to try and be No2 again."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Mail

Fortunately, we've got Jose Mourinho on the case.  If there is any one manager in the world who is most likely to come up with the correct answer here, it's Jose.  That's why they pay him the big bucks, to take on the responsibility and make these decisions of life and death.

Life or death? "Not a problem!"

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