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Date and time for Chelsea's League Cup match against Bolton confirmed

Jamie McDonald

With the transfer deadline and a big game against Everton coming up within the next few days, it's probably safe to assume that the scheduling for our Capital One Cup match against Bolton Wanderers is the furthest thing away from everyone's mind at present. But news is news, so here goes:

Although that's right in between a very tough match at the Etihad (and immediately prior to a visit from an Aston Villa side that tends to give us weird problems these days), I don't think it's much to be concerned about. A home match against a middle-of-the-road Championship Club in the least important tournament we'll play in all season shouldn't consume too much in the way of resources*, and this should be a good chance to blood some of the more fringey players.

*Although, as Manchester United demonstrated, there is no room whatsoever for complacency.

Anyway. Now you know when the game will be. Hurray!

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