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The Italian Job: AC Milan CEO calls Torres, Torres confirms that he wants to go to AC Milan

Meanwhile, Mourinho sends an SMS.

He looks much better in red.
He looks much better in red.
David Ramos

We here at WAGNH are very familiar with the power of a phone call.  Though up until now, we've only really known the Jose Mourinho phone call, the one that seals the deal and gets the player to sign on the dotted line.  But we have a new legend in the making: the AC Milan CEO Galliani phone call.

Here's a picture of said front page (look on right sidebar, lower middle):

I don't have access to the full story, but if Twitter is to be believed, it doesn't contain anything too drastically different than from what was reported before:  AC Milan are willing to finance a large part of Torres's wages (that figure stood at 70% yesterday) for the duration of the loan.  If the deal falls through -- and obviously we should know soon (maybe by Saturday?) one way or the other -- they might look towards Fulham's Kostas Mitroglou instead.

Meanwhile, Corriere dello Sport were running with a Mourinho SMS story, wherein the Chelsea boss supposedly sent one to the AC Milan leadership, claiming to be "the only Inter fan who loves them," and presumably showing this love by gifting them the striker.  Of course giving Fernando Torres as a present to AC Milan would be exactly what an Inter fan would do.

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