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The Daily Hilario: Big transfer wheels keep on turning...

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Giuseppe Bellini


Only five days left in the summer transfer window, even less if you discount the weekend when fax machines don't work, and I have a distinct feeling we're in for a bit of excitement.

Come on big money big money big money big money big money...


Giroud out for four months | SB Nation
I'll take things that will affect a team more than a Diego Costa hamstring strain for many many millions, Alex.

Palace hire some troll as their manager | SB Nation
For a minute I thought they might do something sensible like hire Clarke or Di Matteo.  So sorry, Rebecca Lowe...

Cosmin Moti, defender, goalkeeper, hero | SB Nation
Manuel Neuer, eat your heart out.

Russell Wilson, gunslingin' and packin' heat | SB Nation
Say hello to his (not so) little friend!

Rumors of the NHL adding up to four new teams soon | SB Nation
Seattle (yey!), Quebec City (love those uniforms), Kansas City (eh?), and Las Vegas (lol).

Sac Republic FC move up to second in the USL Pro standings | SRFC
That's six wins in a row for SRFC.  Of course it doesn't really matter as they've clinched home field for the first round of the playoffs already, but it's still nice.  In the eight games at Bonney Field so far, Sacramento is 7-1-0.  Fortress.

Chinese team's fans put a new twist of parking the bus | Dirty Tackle
"Western Sydney Wanderers accuse Guangzhou Evergrande fans of orchestrating bus accident before match."

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
16.30:  UEFA Champions League group stage draw
17.45:  Europa League, playoff second leg:  AFC Astra vs. Olympique Lyonnais (2-1 agg.)
19.45:  Europa League, playoff second leg:  Tottenham Hotspur vs. AEL (2-1 agg.)
19.45:  Europa League, playoff second leg:  Hull City vs. Lokeren (0-1 agg.)
19.45:  Europa League, playoff second leg:  Villareal vs. Astana (3-0 agg.)
19.45:  Europa League, playoff second leg:  Gladbach vs. Sarajevo (3-2 agg.)
20.00:  Europa League, playoff second leg:  Legia Warszawa vs. Aktobe (1-0 agg.)

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