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AC Milan confirm interest in Chelsea duo

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Paolo Bruno

Nevermind the Italian rumour mill, this is straight from the horse's mouth:

We’re entering the final hours [of the transfer window], let’s see if we’re able to buy an important striker. This is the main aim. Torres is definitely an important striker, let’s see if we’re able to get him or another player. Van Ginkel? It’s possible, we’ve written to Chelsea and we’re waiting for a response. We’re quite confident.

Milan CEO Adriano Galliani. Source: AC Milan.

I wrote just now about how a move for Torres might make sense for everyone involved, coming to the conclusion that it probably didn't unless Milan value Torres more than they strictly speaking should. And then we get Milan's CEO calling him an 'important striker', which definitely bodes well for this happening. There would still be plenty of hurdles to jump through for a deal to go through (Chelsea would have to line up a decent replacement, for one), but that Milan are genuinely high on Torres might lubricate the process significantly.

As for van Ginkel, I'm still not sure what will happen. I think Jose Mourinho's comments about the squad getting to play once we're into the part of the season which features more than one match a week were at least partially directed towards the young midfielder, and I'd be shocked if we let him go out on loan unless we were bringing someone else in.

At least we have some mystery before deadline day, though!

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