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Don't mess with Petr Cech on Twitter

One of the perils of being a famous person on Twitter is that if you're famous you regularly get moronic abuse banter from the stinking hordes of unwashed, unloved masses public. Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech is famous enough to get  really boring people tweeting silly things at him, but fortunately for all of us he isn't yet jaded enough to buy an [SA]HatfulOfHollow device. Instead, he engages with the trolls, and we get little gems of contempt coming out:

Petr Cech is a smart, articulate man, and it's not much of a surprise that he's quite good at witticisms*. While it's somewhat sad that Petr is encouraging the lunatics to tweet at him, the result is undoubtedly amusing, and hopefully he can keep this up for a while before the inevitable happens and he gets bored of dealing with social media.

*Anyone saying 'banter' in the comments will be permanently banned for the good of humanity.

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