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Terry praises Cech attitude, Courtois impact

Paul Gilham

Here's Captain, Leader, Inside-info Man John Terry with the low-down on how things are going in the goalkeeping reality show competition at Chelsea when the cameras are off.

"It is very difficult as players, not only for Petr, but we all have ­competition. That is the way Chelsea has been like since I have been at the club. We have world-class players all over the pitch."

It wasn't that long ago that Terry himself was dropped in favor of Cahill, Ivanović, and David Luiz, and while he had a bit of a renaissance season last year, I'm sure he realizes that his own "end" is creeping ever closer.  A slow start to the season isn't helping that notion at the moment either.

But back to Čech.

"It is so difficult because he has been the best keeper in the world for 10 years and in the Premier League. Thibaut has come in and done great in the first few games."

"It is very hard to take for big Petr but he is Chelsea through-and-through and has been unbelievable in the way he has responded in training - and in his attitude.  Some players throw their toys out the pram and Petr, 100 per cent has not done that, he is fighting for his place and he has been here a long time."

"He still feels like he wants to stay here and fight for his place."

The cynic in me does wonder how much of Terry's and Mourinho's public comments on the Čech conundrum are (thinly) veiled attempts at influencing the goalkeeper's decision and set the narrative if Big Pete does decide to leave.  They praise his professionalism to no end, so if he does choose the non-Blue pill, he ends up the (bigger) villain of the piece.  But maybe they are just genuine reflections of the actual truth.  Wouldn't that be nice?

As far as Courtois, Terry sets out a public challenge.

"It was important he made a big save. It is the same for him as well, like Diego with the goals.  A one-on-one could have seen us go 1-0 down but he pulled off a great save and got a great reception from the fans. That will help him settle in. He is like all of us. A bit nervous, first game at the Bridge and it is nice to get settled, to get our feet under the table and he has done that"


"We have got two of the best keepers in the world. Petr has done it for many years and if Thibaut can replicate that it will take some doing."

Big shoes to fill, young man.

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