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Dr. Carneiro ice buckets, calls Branislav Ivanovic a 'chicken'

Chelsea physio Dr. Eva Carneiro was nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge by one Didier Drogba, and she didn't let us down:

The usual commentary to follow:

a) Good on Dr. Carneiro for reminding everyone to donate and making sure we know she'll be doing it herself. ALS is a nasty disease and a worthy target for charity (even if there are some issues with giving based on social media memes), and making sure we all remember the point is great.

b) Her reaction is far more composed than Jose Mourinho's. I hope she lords this over the boss forever.

c) Not only did Dr. Carneiro nominate Branislav Ivanovic, she told him to stop chickening out of the challege. I'll repeat that so as it can sink in properly: Dr. Eva Carneiro has publicly shamed Branislav Ivanovic for not dumping ice water all over his head.


You got told, buddy.

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