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Encyclopaedia Thiabutica, Volume I.1: Wonder save from Leicester's David Nugent

Remember how in last year's Champions League semifinal, Mourinho bemoaned the fact that the second leg turned on a single world class save, Thibaut Courtois, then on loan at Atlético Madrid, denying John Terry's header in seemingly impossible manner? Well, with Saturday's game deadlocked at 0-0 and Leicester threatening to undo Chelsea's improving play on the counter, Courtois did something quite similar in spirit, if not in exact detail and circumstance.

He had already made a few decent saves before this one, but this, THIS is the one that has truly announced his arrival, his permanent claim on the starting goalkeeper spot at Chelsea. A save as crucial as Diego Costa's goal a few minutes later, if not even more. A save to make all the difference, foiling a striker (apparently) nicknamed "The Difference" appropriately enough.

And what does the man of the hour himself think about it all? Just doing my job.

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