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Villas-Boas nominates Roman Abramovich for ice bucket challenge

The ice bucket craze has reached Russia. Thanks, internet! In particular, it's reached St. Petersburg, where an old Chelsea friend enemy frenemy resides:

a) I never wanted to see Andre Villas-Boas topless and I am sorry for inflicting it upon you all. For a given value of sorry.

b) I still barely understand a word he's saying even though I'm pretty sure it's English.


d) He also named Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy and Porto chairman Pinto da Costa. He's either a very, very bitter man or has more of a sense of humour than one might immediately suspect.

e) I like imagining that the guy on the left is some random they've taken off the street to dump a bucket of ice water on AVB's head.

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