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Mourinho: I never speak to players about selection decisions

Laurence Griffiths

We've heard from more or less everywhere that Jose Mourinho hasn't told Petr Cech as to his reasoning for dropping the veteran goalkeeper and installing Thibaut Courtois as his first choice. It's very easy to get the feeling that the manager's being unfair to Cech here -- after all, he has ten years' service and Chelsea, was one of the heroes of Munich, and definitely doesn't deserve snubbing -- but apparently this is standard behaviour for Mourinho. As he told Get West London, he never speaks to his players about selection decisions:

I don't have to speak to players about decisions, I've never done this in my career. I don't like to be always justifying my decisions to the players. They all know where my office is.

I know it's a bit far for them, the last office in the corridor, and they know where I am. If they need an explanation, I never close the door. I'll give one. Petr didn't come to me. He worked fantastically well in the group, with his mates, polite and professional. That's what we need.

This revelation surprises me a little bit. Although his star has dimmed a little bit in this regard since the Iker Casillas debacle at Real Madrid, Mourinho's always been known as the consummate man-manager, and this isn't really a very man-manager things to do. The last part is of course good news, even if it does feel like part of a press offensive to make us feel better about the situation. At least it feels less obviously staged than the photo of Cech and Courtois snuggling during training. I guess?

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