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Mourinho: Chelsea "very calm" over transfer business

Laurence Griffiths

I managed to miss Jose Mourinho's press conference earlier because I am a very busy person an idiot, but fortunately there were journalists around to fill us in on the crunchy details. And, naturally, the most interesting answer relates to the transfer deadline and is in fact no answer at all:

Note that Mourinho didn't actually say that business was over (and it's not, of course: a foreign player needs to leave, loans need to happen, etc), which would be interesting if we actually took anything Mourinho said in these press conferences at face value. Chelsea are sitting on a lot of money at the moment, and although they're probably reasonably happy with the squad, should an interesting player become available in the transfer market, there's no reason we shouldn't expect them to pounce.

And, of course, the club will be rumour fodder for all the agents trying to get their clients raises and/or big money moves right up until the deadline itself. Tick-tock.

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