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Mattia Destro's agent confirms Chelsea interest, denies Fernando Torres swap rumor

Don't worry son, I won't swap you for Fernando...
Don't worry son, I won't swap you for Fernando...
Claudio Villa

You probably already heard by now -- 12 hours is a very, very long time on the Internet -- and have discussed it to your heart's content (so we'll probably get no more than like three comments), but Mattia Destro's agent has shot down the rumors of Chelsea and Roma swapping backup strikers.

"It's true that Chelsea are interested in Mattia. But the reports regarding a swap deal have no foundation, it's all speculation."

"Roma don't want to sell Mattia and Mattia prefers to remain at Roma."

-source: Sky

I guess our interest in Destro runs as deep as my interest in finding a stack of million dollars just lying around on the street.  I mean, I wouldn't say no, and I'd love to swap it for a used pack of paper handkerchiefs, but I think those million dollars prefer to remain in some rich, wise man's bank account instead.


And so, as the light at the end of the tunnel blinks out once again, we resign ourselves to two more years of darkness.  Fortunately, Diego Costa just found a torch and he's already lighting our path to salvation.  Follow, follow, follow...

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