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Jose Mourinho does ice bucket challenge, screams like you've never heard him scream before

If you ask me, the only ice bucket challenge really worth caring about is the one in which Wayne Rooney accidentally dropped the bucket on his wife's head. But who am I to rail against the surging tides of the internet? Ice buckets are being dumped on Chelsea-related noggins, and that information must be conveyed to the lovely readers of this blog.

Especially when the noggin in question belongs to Chelsea manager and Special One Jose Mourinho:

Some thoughts:

  1. Jose Mourinho appears to be treating this like a press conference. Specifically, that particular brand of press conference in which he expresses his utter contempt for everyone involved. Whether that's water, ice, buckets, ALS, the very concept of memes or indeed everyone watching this, know that in this moment Jose hates you. Hopefully he hates ALS in all the other moments too, because ALS sucks.
  2. Nominating your daughter? That's harsh, dude.
  3. James McAvoy? Bryan Adams? This is getting weird.
Yeah, I giggled.

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