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All signs point to Thibaut Courtois starting against Burnley

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Martin Stoever

It's important to stress that (probably) none of this is based on any actual sources.  It's much more likely, that it's all just conjecture, educated guesses if you will, and based on your votes, a consensus opinion.

First, here's the Daily Mail's Sam Cunningham.  All I know about Sam Cunningham is that he's not Neil Ashton.  Take that for whatever it's worth.

Thibaut Courtois is winning the race to become the No 1 goalkeeper at Chelsea.  Barring any last-minute injuries to the Belgian he is set to play in front of Petr Cech against Burnley on Monday night.

-source: Mail

(I'm presuming that doesn't mean that Courtois will play center back or sweeper, while Cech takes his customary spot in goal.)

The Telegraph's Matt Law is reporting the same, elaborating a bit further that the decision isn't final and the competition between the two goalkeepers is expected to be ongoing as the season wears on.

Second, here's Offside Rule Expert (as certified by the Men's Club of Offside Experts) Richard Keys.

Third, here are all y'all's votes.

Courtois v. Cech | Burnley voting

It's all coming up Thibauts, isn't it?  Which wouldn't be surprising at all; I think most of us have grown accustomed to the notion that our young world class goalkeeper shall unseat our old(er) world class goalkeeper this season.

With Mourinho playing his cards as close as possible to his chest, we won't find out for sure until about an hour before kickoff against Burnley.  But anything other than a Thibaut Courtois start in goal would be a surprise.

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