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Mourinho confirms heightened expectations for new season, reminds that transfer market is still open

So then I was like the horses are THIS big, Michael...
So then I was like the horses are THIS big, Michael...
Martin Stoever

Little horses no more!  It's time to open the barn doors wide and let the stallions run free!  Well no, not free.  We must have specific tactical instructions first.  Who do you think this is, 'Arry Redknapp?

"This season obviously we bought some key players, we believe and we are feeling that the new players have brought the squad and team into another dimension."

Another dimension, new galaxy, intergalactic... planetary! Or are are we just jealous of the rhyme and the rhyme routine?

"Yes we are title contenders, if you expect me to say we will win the Premier League I can't say that. I can't because I have to respect the competition, which is the only one that has more than two title contenders. I have to respect the opponents and efforts the other teams made to improve their already top teams, but we all feel we are title contenders."

Others may have improved and Jose saw fit to remind us that transfer market is still "open," but he claims to be "very happy with my squad" and "very happy with my club" for getting the signings that we needed.  Of course, a couple weeks ago he claimed that the market was "closed to us" and we ended up signing someone not 48 hours later.  So now that the market is once again open, does that actually mean we're truly done?  I guess you never know with Mourinho (and there's no accounting for the special crazy that transfer deadline day can be either).

The one thing we do know is that while almost everybody is picking Chelsea as the title favorites this year, it will not be easy.  Not at the end, not in the middle, and not now, at the very start against Burnley.

"I understand that because of mine and Chelsea's last 10 years expectations are high but I really don't care about it.  I just want to be myself, work hard every day, have ambition to win the next game, it doesn't matter where, in which competition or against which opponent, that's part of me."

"I want to win against Burnley, that's the first step, and to win against Burnley will be very hard."

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