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Mourinho admits he has a man-management problem on his hands at goalkeeper

Martin Stoever

Jose Mourinho still hasn't told his goalkeepers who'll be first choice for Chelsea this season, and I can't imagine he'll be looking forward to it. But he has to have that conversation sooner rather than later (he's already made the decision, apparently), and that'll come this weekend, ahead of the Burnley match on Monday. At which point someone is going to be very sad.

With two of the best three goalkeepers in the league at his disposal and therefore one not playing, Mourinho knows he has a man-management problem on his hands:

If Petr [Cech] plays [Thibaut] Courtois can think about leaving, or visa versa. In this moment they are working well and hard and we are so happy to have them both. I prefer to analyse this in that perspective. During the season if one is definitely my first choice I have to support and stimulate the other one.

I can't have one of these incredible goalkeepers on the bench three or four months waiting for a Capital One Cup game. I have to stimulate the competition and I have to praise some top goalkeeper which is not my first choice.

Source: Mail.

Mourinho's been criticised of late for his inability to keep a number of players happy -- Juan Mata and Romelu Lukaku come to mind, as does the furore he caused at Real Madrid when he tried to depose of Iker Casillas' corpse -- and it'll be fascinating to see how he deals with this situation. My completely uninformed guess is that Courtois gets the nod and Cech becomes a benchwarmer, but if the situation plays out the other way it could get mighty interesting indeed.

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