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The Daily Hilario: Chelsea U21 opener; WFFL

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Fantasy football continued.

Steve Bardens


They are the brave, the quick, and the lucky one.  All eleven of them, plus one unlucky honorable mention.  And of course yours truly, the Chairman, as the Real Fantasy Football League page likes to call me.

Chairman DPeezy

The unlucky honorable mention is Mr. S_Starrett, who missed out thanks to a clerical/administrative error/assumption by said Chairman.  After a lengthy internal investigation, the parties responsible have been fined two beers and banned from all football activities for four hours.  After an appeal, the ban was reduced to four minutes.  An official apology has been issued to the aggrieved party.

The rest of the Dirty Dozen are as follows, in draft order.  Remember, it's a snake draft, so Haz Mat will start the second round, Jack will go second, etc.  Wish them luck!

  1. Aloneville
  2. FootieFromAfar
  3. PickledFoo
  4. Chairman DPeezy
  5. BrendanKali
  6. RossWB
  7. yatcli
  8. B Tret
  9. AMLang
  10. Sebastian Correa
  11. Jack Goodson
  12. Haz Mat

(The order was decided by the highly scientific process of rolling two dice.  The game automatically assigned the order in terms who joined first, but that's no good.  So I rolled first for myself, to determine my draft position.  Then, I rolled to determine who goes first, second, third: the number shown on the rolled dice corresponding to the initially assigned join order (2-12) since I was initially in position 1 as league chairman.  There were no witnesses or officials present.  It's all a conspiracy anyway.)

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
15.00:  FA Cup, extra preliminary round:  Heanor Town vs. Long Eaton United
17.30:  Friendly:  Cádiz vs. Atlético Madrid
19.00:  Eredivise, 7th vs. 13th:  Feyenoord vs. Heerenveen
19.05:  U21 Premier League Division 1:  Chelsea U21 vs. Manchester City U21 (hey, that's us!)
19.30:  Ligue 1, 1st vs. 12th:  Caen vs. Lille
21.00:  Friendly:  Sampdoria vs. Sevilla

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