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Andre Schurrle continues to be adorable

Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough...

Steve Bardens

While the media in Spain continue to troll us with rumors of Atlético attempting to get André Schürrle from us, the 23-year-old Champion of the World sat down with the Evening Standard's Richard Benson for an interview in support of the Chelsea Foundation.  It's another interview that confirms just how happy Schürrle is with Chelsea, Mourinho, and life in London.  Adorable.

(I'm assuming Chelsea and Mourinho are just as happy with André.  I know I am.)

Obviously I'm recommending that you click on over and read the whole thing, but here's my favorite part:

In training Schürrle has been running for fitness (in which, he admits, he struggles to find pleasure) and working with the ball (which he loves). The most inspiring element, however, is clearly his time with Mourinho; the boss is said to be personally fond of Schürrle and the protégé returns the feeling with something resembling bright-eyed hero worship. ‘It's his thinking,' he explains. ‘There is only one way for him and that is to win. And with his psychology, the way he talks... he gives that thinking to you. The hardest thing is when you feel tired in training and he'll push you, but it makes you better as a player. It's why I wanted to play for him.'

-source: Evening Standard

Oh, and as a massive fan of all forms of ham and cheese, I got a good laugh out of his assessment of the Harrods Food Hall.  "ALL THAT CHEESE! ALL THAT HAM!" Indeed.

On a related note, in case you've not gotten your fill of André just yet, he sat down with Chelsea TV not too long ago as well.  Here's that interview in full.  Love it!

Andre Schurrle : World Cup Winner HD by unCFCTV

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