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The Daily Hilario: We Ain't Got No Real Fantasy Football

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with more fantasy football.

Frederick M. Brown


Alright, thanks to RossWB's find and the required sense of adventure to try something brand new, I'm not just £5 poorer, but one Real Fantasy Football league richer.  If you're interested in joining, listen up.  This will have to go quick; the season starts on Saturday, so we'll have to be drafting on Friday (live online, or you can set/rank your player list if you can't make it).  That's tomorrow, in case you're not familiar with how the days of the week work.

There are a grand total of 12 teams allowed in any given league, so that leaves 11 spots.  Which means I have 11 invite codes to the WAGNFFL.  Waffles!  Since I love you all equally, but some more so than others, I'm not just going open it up to any and all comers.  Actually, I just want to make sure the spots go to more active users first, since I think it'll be more fun that way.

So, here's what you do:  if you want to join and you have the financial means and the technical ability to pay the user fee of £5 (it restricted me to Visa/MC debit/credit cards only), send me an email first.  Do NOT sign up first and then email me, unless you're willing to run the risk of getting picked last like I used to be* in gym class and getting rejected.  I know, I know, life's unfair.

Once you hear back from me, THEN go ahead and sign up.  When that's done, let me know, and I'll send you the invite code.  Again, we're going to have to be snappy about this, so while I am planning on sleeping in the near future, do watch your email.

If y'all ditch me, I'm banning every single last one of you.  Which sounds like a lot of effort, so I'd probably just join a public league or something.  But let's try this first.

* not really; was usually picked among the first few


18.30:  Friendly:  PAOK vs. Internazionale

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