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Chelsea 2-0 Real Sociedad: Blues finish preseason in style

Steve Bardens

The second half may have finished without any further goals for Chelsea (or for Real Sociedad), but it did not fail to entertain.

The Blues continued to press, pass, and dominate play, and perhaps on a luckier day, we may have added a few more goals.  The process was good however (if perhaps a bit TOO much passing every once in a while) and for possibly the first time this season, Chelsea looked like an actual league-ready product.  Right on time!

The season starts Monday.  Can hardly wait.  Until then, a few random thoughts:

  • Everybody but the two substitute goalkeepers and Victor Moses (and the injured Didier Drogba) got a runout in the first home friendly since 2006.  Combined with the win and the pregame squad introductions, the sellout crowd surely got their money's worth.
  • Diego Costa and the brand new Stamford Bridge pitch are off to a fantastic partnership.
  • Fernando Torres made an excellent run and the left back picked him out with an excellent cross.  The only reason the universe didn't end is because Torres didn't score.
  • Good performances all around.  Can't really think of anything too negative.  Schurrle drifted out of the game after a good start, I suppose, but that's pushing it.
  • Actually, the one major negative was Chelsea TV's attempt to stream the match for free.  Talk about a complete and utter failure!

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