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Don't panic, Didier Drogba probably isn't out for six months

Martin Stoever

It's the first real negative of preseason, Didier Drogba limping off less than a half hour into Sunday's friendly against Ferencvaros after landing awkwardly from an aerial challenge.  He tried to soldier on, but decided to call it a day after 28 minutes.

As we anxiously awaited news of the extent of the injury, a spoof Twitter account started a rumor.

Note, that is NOT the Daily Mail's Twitter account.  That of course did not stop the world of Twitter from picking up and running with the "news," spreading it like wildfire among the concerned fanbase and gawking ill-wishers.

This morning, it looks like the story has leapt off the pages of the Internet and onto the pages of Marca.  Always on the front lines of injury news from England, that Marca.

Didier Drogba could be sidelined for anywhere from four to six months with an ankle injury picked up in the game against Hungarian side Ferencváros on Sunday. The Blues striker landed awkwardly on his right foot after challenging for a header and initial examinations suggest he has torn ligaments.

-source: Marca

That of course does not make it any more true.  Just like I qualified my headline with a "probably," Marca have qualified their story with a "could" and thus are covered in case the story they picked up from a spoof account turns out to be not true.  Which, well, it has a high chance of doing.

Drogba himself thinks it's a twisted ankle and is awaiting news of the full extent of it alongside the rest of us.  Twisted ankles heal in weeks, not months.

"I twisted my ankle and I couldn't continue.  In the next few days we are going to do some treatment and I hope everything will be better."

-Didier Drogba; source: Chelsea FC

I hope so, too.

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