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A dilapidated building, a lady in a ripped shirt: Marko Marin's Fiorentina medical?

Stuart Franklin

First, the obvious: Marko Marin isn't long for Chelsea and it looks like he will soon be joining Fiorentina in the Serie A on either a loan, or possibly a permanent deal.  (Daily Mail says loan with a €4.2m option to buy later.)  From Germany to England to Spain to Italy, Marko sure is a mobile patient zero for the airborne muscle strain virus.

Second, the hilarious: Marko Marin's in Florence to undergo a medical ahead of said transfer.  Which is all standard procedure, but either he's being trolled by Fiorentina or the Italian club has just about the most dilapidated medical facilities this side of a World War II trench.  Peeling paint inside and out, terrible lighting, ragged clothing, and an iPad recording it all.  Marko, are you sure you haven't stumbled onto the set of a snuff film?

Third, the truth: Marko Marin's in Florence for an ultrasound.


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