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Lampard heading to Manchester City on loan?

Paul Gilham

I'm not really sure what on earth is going on here, but I'll let the Guardian tell you what they think is up:

Yes, that is Frank Lampard, Chelsea's recently-released, MLS-bound all-time top scorer, apparently heading to Manchester City on loan until his new* club, NYCFC (incidentally owned by Manchester City), play their first game next March. If this goes through, and I don't think I can come up with a good reason it wouldn't unless 'I don't want it to' constitutes one, I'm honestly not sure how we'll react to seeing Lampard in a City kit. How can this be? This is wrong!

*In every sense of the word.

Obviously Frank Lampard can do what he likes, and he needs to stay fit until the next MLS season starts, but if he somehow ends up playing against Chelsea this is going to be really, really, really impossibly weird.

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