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The Daily Hilario(?): Rock the rock tape

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Leon Halip

I tell ya, once you turn 27, your body's ability to recover from minor knocks, strains, etc really starts slowing down.  Slowly at first, then ever more surely.  At least mine did.  Should've sent me to Carousel a long time ago.

In May, I managed to strain my lower back doing a gym workout and that flared up this morning while doing extreme shoelace tying.  Intense, man!  That's how I roll.  Back when I was younger, I would've just laughed in the face of pain and reduced mobility, but instead tonight I popped some painkillers, slathered on the Rock Tape and off I went to play some indoor.  I tell ya what, that Tape really does work.

We still lost though.

In other news...

This is what happens when you get traded in the middle of the game | SB Nation
Well done, Tigers fans.  Welcome to Seattle, Austin Jackson.  Bye-bye Nick Franklin, we hardly knew ya.

In further Mariners/MLB trade deadline news... | SB Nation
Taijuan Walker expertly/unintentionally trolls Twitter and baseball nation.  It's pronounced like the country, by the way.

Football way ahead of football in technology | The Verge
I'm waiting for football to implement something like this (and make it publicly available), so we can finally start tracking player movement and measuring the relationship between players, space, ball control, and off-the-ball actions.  One day, we might even get meaningful statistics!

Holy crap, Birdman movie looks really effin' good | The Verge
Big fan of Iñárritu; didn't realize he was directing this until just now.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
17.30:  Friendly:  Borussia Dortmund vs. Chievo

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