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How do you make Chelsea fans fall back in love with you? Trolling Arsenal, of course.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Romelu Lukaku hasn't been making himself the most popular man with the Chelsea fanbase of late, talking about ambition, potentially leaving the club for greener pastures, and being the number one option on a Champions League contender. On Tuesday, however, one of his tweets probably did quite a bit to put him back in the good graces of many a Chelsea fan:

Funny, no? I suppose Arsenal fans probably aren't all that amused, but I couldn't help but chuckle as soon as I saw that comment.

At the same time as it's funny, it's also mildly ironic. Lukaku has been talking about potentially moving to a club competing for trophies, but has yet to be linked to one of the handful of clubs that could honestly compete at the same level as the Blues. Pretty much any move Lukaku makes at this point would be akin to leaving Real Madrid for Arsenal.

Regardless, with the way the Belgian forward has been channeling his inner Dwight Howard, we'll probably have some new and exciting comments to be talking about later today. At least we can have a laugh at this one while we're waiting for the next twist in the plot.

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