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Andre Schurrle on what's it like playing against club teammates in a World Cup semifinal

Mike Hewitt

In just a few short hours, Andre Schurrle (playing for Germany) will face off against one of his ex- and three of his current teammates (playing for Brazil).  While initially he'll probably be on the bench (because Jogi Löw is a mean booger-eating vampire), he'll probably come on as a substitute just like he's done in all but one of Germany's games so far at the World Cup.

So what's it like, the prospect of playing against your club teammates?

"For me it will be cool to play against my Brazilian friends from Chelsea."

-Andre Schurrle; source: Chelsea FC

Well of course it'll be cool.  Cool is Andre's middle name.  And second last name.  And probably second first name.  And main occupation other than "Chelsea player most enthusiastic about Chelsea" since I don't even know.

"Of course, if somebody asks me how to play against Oscar or David Luiz, I'm here to help."

"We haven't been in touch during the tournament. We are rivals here so there have not been any text messages."

-Andre Schurrle; source: Chelsea FC

Graham's got a joke for you:

If someone asks Andre Schurrle how to deal with David Luiz, I hope he tells them to point somewhere and shout "Look! A squirrel!"

Surely, that's not funny.  David Luiz would never got distract... OH LOOK! A SQUIRREL!

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