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The Daily Hilario(?): Brazil vs. Germany

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Welcome to the semifinals!

Buda Mendes

One of the several reasons I look forward to Sacramento Republic FC matches, besides the fun of sitting on aluminum bleachers in the scorching, 90-100+ heat and watching third division talent struggle for recognition, is the overpriced pint or two or three Magner's cider.  Draught.  It's the perfect hot weather football beverage (especially given the other choices) in my limited, humble-ish opinion.

So I show up last night, "Monday Night (rescheduled) Football" as they hastily tried to promote it (it looked like a sellout; so good job), ready to drink, yell at the ref, and hope for something cool to happen like a 93rd minute winner.  I'm happy to say, I got to do two of those.  The two that did not involve the cider.  For you see, for the first time ever at an SRFC match, they did not have the cider.  WHAT?!

Flabbergasted and flustered (long line behind me), I panicked into some sort of Red Ale instead.  Whatever; how bad it could be, right?  Except of course I still look of card-able age (thanks, genes), so Ms. Bearer of No Magner's News asks for my ID.  I hand over the driver's license, at which point she proceeds to ask "Do you have one that's not expired?"  [FUN].  [FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN]!!!

Old address on file at the DMV; never got my notice.  Didn't even think about it.  I asked her to reconsider, but she didn't feel like breaking the law or exercising common sense and cheating.  It's been such a LONG time since I celebrated 21.  (Feels even longer.)  Not to mention, I was wearing a shirt that said "Blood. Sweat. Beers."  COME THE [FUN] ON LADY!?  Plus, who checks the expiration date anyway.  You're not TSA or CHP.  And it's only been six days.  You work under a pop-up tent in the middle of a stupid fairground and a temporary stadium!  You're not important!  Except I guess she was in that one moment.  Congrats, lady!

At least we won.  On a 93rd minute goal.  That was fun.

In other news...

Grading ESPN's World Cup coverage | Screamer.deadspin
Mostly spot on.  I've enjoyed listening to Roberto Martinez, Ballack of course, and Van Nistelrooy very much.

Alfredo Di Stefano passed away yesterday at age 88 | SB Nation
He's the hipster choice for greatest ever football player.  One day, the hipsters will be right.

You can buy a Luis Suarez Barca shirt already | SB Nation
There's gotta be a guy out there who collects shirts with failed transfers on them.  Bet he's got a truckload of those Robinho Chelsea ones.

Man United, like a rock | SB Nation
They're taking the Chevy to the levy?  Any mass recall jokes anyone?

Liverpool's third kit, wow | SB Nation
You've outdone yourselves from last year, Warrior!

'Gone Girl' trailer | YouTube
David Fincher's latest.  Looking forward to this one.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
21.00:  World Cup, semifinal:  Brazil vs. Germany

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