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The Daily Hilario(?): Krul to be kind

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Jamie McDonald

So how about the penalty shootout, eh?  The confidence of Costa Rica destroyed by the mind games of a sneering, snarling, towering giant.  A masterstroke.  Or basically a no-lose situation for Van Gaal, where he was either going to emerge as a mad scientist or a mad and wining scientist.

Still, not something you see every day.  Just one more thing to add to this mostly amazing World Cup, which has lost some of its lustre with favorites winning every match so far in the knockout rounds.

In the meantime, we now the Tour de France and the F1 British GP to distract us.

In other news...

This is why you love watching Michael Bay movies... | io9
...even though you know they're absolute trash.  Video analysis done excellently by some random YouTube dude.  (His channel actually has several more interesting videos about movies; worth checking it out.  For example: Edgar Wright & visual comedy.)

Memphis Depay's hilarious airshot.

FOOTBALL (all times BST): none

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