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The Daily Hilario(?): Argentina vs. Belgium; Netherlands vs. Costa Rica

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Get well soon, Neymar!

Michael Steele

Today is the supposed undercard to yesterday's main event, but maybe we'll get more consistent entertainment.  And maybe a stronger referee so that things don't get out of hand like in Brazil vs. Colombia.  Get well soon, Neymar!

I was supposed to go to the Sacramento Republic FC match Friday night, but then this happened right next to the stadium:

Needless to say, they canceled the game.  Though they still went ahead with the fireworks show because we gotta have fireworks, especially when we're in an extreme drought and just battled a 40-acre four-alarm fire.

In other news...

Here's one X-ray of Neymar's back | SB Nation
Fractured vertebra is the new broken metatarsal.  Get well soon, Neymar!

The Tour de France starts today, here's why you should still love it | SB Nation
Perfect entertainment as the World Cup winds down and before Chelsea preseason starts.  Ride hard, take undetectable drugs, go go Peter Sagan!

Everybody loves HAM(es) | SB Nation
Including giant mutant bugs.  So what's his superpower now?  Giant leaps?  Rubbing his mandibles together?

Latest Doctor Who teaser | io9
More Daleks.  Yey?

Further evidence that people are stupid and we're all doomed as a species | The Verge
Small samples and all, but still.  Criminy...

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
17.00:  World Cup, quarterfinals:  Argentina vs. Belgium
21.00:  World Cup, quarterfinals:  Netherlands vs. Costa Rica

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