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Mourinho hints that Cech could go

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Chelsea still need (kind of: we could just have a player getting paid not to appear on the Premier League or Champions League squads, I guess) to sell a non-homegrown player to comply with Premier League squad rules, and the papers have been insisting that long-term goalkeeper Petr Cech is the most likely candidate.

Bearing in mind that it still feels like a long shot, some quotes from Jose Mourinho implies that that idea isn't really as crazy as it sounds.

Petr is ready to fight for his position but Thibaut is the best young goalkeeper in the world, no doubts about that. They will fight and for me it’s a good problem to have to make a decision. We are a club that wants to be strong and wants to have a real possibility of competing for trophies and we want competition for places.

But I know that Mark Schwarzer is a very good keeper, very stable and a good man, completely ready to be our second goalkeeper like he was last season and to give positive performances if we need him to play. So if he’s our second goalkeeper, we will feel very safe with him.

Source: Mirror.

That second part can easily be interpreted as a not-so-veiled threat. If one of the top goalkeepers are going to make a fuss about being benched behind another, there's every chance that they end up getting shipped out in favour of a more stable number two. Or Mourinho could be praising Mark Schwarzer because he has a nice smile, or something.

Anyway, let's hope this situation doesn't end up being that dramatic.

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