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Chelsea welcome Courtois to training

Chelsea have resolved their goalkeeper conundrum in shocking fashion today, converting Belgian prodigy Thibaut Courtois into a monster-sized croquet ball:

Petr Cech could barely contain his delight, noting that there was nothing he liked more as a wind-down exercise than a spot of Giant Croquet, and that he hoped Courtois would soon adapt to his new position. Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho openly discussed plans to somehow turn Fernando Torres into one of those mini-golf windmills that everyone hates.

* * *

Seriously, I don't know what's going on in this picture, but I love it to death already. I also love the fact that Courtois -- who was the afterthought when we brought in a trio of prospects in summer 2011 -- is with the team and poised to shine. Welcome to the club, Thibaut. Long may you ... croquet or whatever it is you're doing.

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