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Dean Mouhtaropoulos

It's a little strange to think that Gael Kakuta was once the gem of our academy, valued highly enough that Chelsea were willing to get into a serious legal scrap to secure his signature seven years ago. He had everything he needed, until he didn't, transitioning from uber-prospect to afterthought at some point in the Carlo Ancelotti era. And now he's going on loan to Rayo Vallecano. We already knew that, of course, but the club's confirmed it, so now it's news again.

It's somewhat amusing how terse the release from Chelsea is. Four whole sentences for a man who nearly got the club banned from transfers for a year! If you ever needed a reminder about just how volatile the world of prospecting can be, Kakuta's a fantastic one. That said, he has a chance of turning it around and building up a solid career, and hopefully he does just that in Spain. Good luck!