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Chelsea could move for Edinson Cavani, according to reports

Matthias Hangst

According to ESPN's Miguel Delaney, Chelsea may have another big fish in mind after the transfer of Romelu Lukaku. Delaney is reporting that Edinson Cavani is very interested in a move to Stamford Bridge, and that Chelsea have already been told that £40 million will get a deal done.

Delaney isn't always that accurate, but he tends to be well-sourced. In this particular case, it would likely make an awful lot of sense that either Cavani's people are leaking some interest in hopes of getting the player a move, or that PSG could be simply trying to drum up the market for a valuable player they'd like to sell so they can add Angel Di Maria (and still comply with the FFP sanctions they were handed).

The appeal of adding Cavani is obvious. After selling Lukaku on Wednesday, striking depth becomes one of the biggest concerns fans should have ahead of the new season. Cavani would be an extravagant way to solve this dilemma, but given his versatility (and that of Costa), I'm sure Jose Mourinho could figure out a way to make it work.

Two big factors will be tossed out there as problems with a Cavani deal. First, there's the fact that Edinson would require an international slot, and we currently have 18-19 players for those 17 places. Cavani would require yet another loan or sale to make the roster work.

The second big factor against this deal would be FFP. Given the extraordinary amount of money made on player sales this summer and the increased commercial and television revenue the club are working with, this probably shouldn't even be mentioned as anything other than a long-term concern. Chelsea could sign two Cavani-esque players at this point and still have no real concerns in the short term.

While this is feasible, my gut tells me that there's nothing brewing on this one, but that it's simply Cavani trying to get himself out of Ligue 1. I suppose it's one to watch, but I think it's far more likely that we make a big move for a midfielder like Paul Pogba* than splash for a guy like Cavani.

*I bet you thought you were getting a post without a Pogba mention, didn't you?

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