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Mourinho: Lukaku 'not highly motivated' to compete for Chelsea job

Shots fired! You don't mess with Jose, man.

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Jan Kruger

I don't think there's too much commentary that needs to go along with the following.

"Romelu was always very clear with us with his mentality and his approach was not highly motivated to come to a competitive situation with Chelsea. He wanted to play for Chelsea but he clearly wanted to be first-choice striker, but for a club of our dimension it is very difficult to promise to a player."

"That reduced, immediately, his desire to come to us. After that Everton came with an important offer and as I always say, because it's the reality of our club and we want to be inside the Financial Fair Play rules, it's always in the thoughts of the board. The important thing is that he's happy and things work well for him, he's a good kid and has his way of thinking and organising his career."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Telegraph

Depending on just how much you trust Jose's words, here's either irrefutable evidence confirming the generally accepted Lukaku narrative of the young 'kid' lacking desire to compete for the job at Chelsea, or here's Jose doing damage control and setting his side of the story in stone.

Either way, Romelu is out as not guaranteed anything at Chelsea and into his cushy job as guaranteed first-choice at Everton.  Good luck to him and all his future thinkings and organizings of his career.  Romelu knows best.

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