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Lukaku: "It's time to write a new chapter"

Vague social media messages are the best friend of rumours, and Romelu Lukaku has just dropped a doozy on us via instagram.

Yes, that's the 21-year-old on a plane of some sort, heading ... somewhere. "It's time to write a new chapter," can be taken in a number of ways, and in most circumstances alarm bells might be ringing at this point. This is a player in demand, expected to leave, getting on a plane and talking about new beginnings, which is about several hurricane's worth of black clouds gathering.

But Romelu Lukaku just as easily could be on a plane, heading to Arnhem to link up with the squad  for pre-season training (which is what he's supposed to be doing today), hoping to write a new chapter with a team he hasn't been seriously involved with for two years. Or that could be wishful thinking.

If Lukaku's goal here was to troll everyone, a) I like him more now and b) well done.

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