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Travel subsidies for away supporters continue

Mike Hewitt

Last year, Chelsea began subsidising travel for their away supporters, and the club has just announced that that will continue: fans travelling to away games that aren't in London have their transportation costs reduced to £10*, and three matches (assumedly the boring ones) will also have £10 taken off the ticket prices.

*Note: this article originally stated that there would be £10 taken off transportation costs.

Obviously this is great, and although it's true that the Premier League is helping to fund this with £200,000 given to each club -- an initiative started this time last year -- some back of the enveloping leads me to belief that Chelsea are chipping in a significant amount as well. For a club that's sometimes been a little tone-deaf to the fans, they've done very well on the ticketing front too.

I've only been to one away match recently, which involved freezing my toes off to watch us lose against Sunderland in extra time last year, but the support even for a League Cup match in midwinter was impressive, and I'm glad that Chelsea are moving to help them out again.


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